We legalized the following documents:

Civil documents

Commercial documents

Your documents must be previously legalized by the State Chancellery (Chancellerie du canton)

Diploma documents

  • For diploma documents apply as follow:
  1. The original Diploma or a copy certified by a notary and the chancellery.
  2. The original transcript or a copy certified by the notary and the chancellery.
  3. Attestation from the school or the university contains the eight points below legalized by the chancellery.
  • The authenticity of the information contained in the certificate
  • Enrollment and attendance type (Formal/ informal, full/ part-time programs, external, distance learning…)
  • The venue of studies and examinations
  • Academic degree obtained (diploma, Bachelor, Master, Ph.D.)
  • Duration of degree program prescribed for obtaining the degree certificate
  • The actual duration the student took to obtain the certificate (dates of the beginning and end of studies)
  • Type of the education institution (public or private)
  • The academic accreditation given by the official competent accreditation bodies in the country where the student attended his/her courses.


All Documents should be in English